Pain that lasts more than three months is considered chronic. 

Lower back pain can affect anyone, from the office worker who spends most of the day in front of the computer –to the police officer or laborer, working in the field; almost everyone has it at some point.  The lower back, which starts below the ribcage, is called the lumbar region. Pain here can be intense and is one of the top causes of missed work.

                  A study on massage and back pain conducted at the Touch Research Institute at the University of 
                  Miami (2001) found that: “Massage lessened lower back pain, depression and anxiety, and improved
                  sleep.  The massage therapy group also showed improved range of motion and their serotonin and 
                  dopamine levels were higher.” (International Journal of Neuroscience, 106, 131-145.)

At Sweet Earth Massage, aspects of neuromuscular therapy are incorporated; where, deeper strokes are used to lengthen, spread and then separate the muscles, connective tissue and fascia, releasing chronic tension. The muscle spasm should relax in response to the pressure applied by the massage therapist. Most muscle spasms require four massage treatments, usually over the course of six weeks, to achieve the best effect; which is based upon treatment and ongoing assessment –subsequent to initial evaluation. 

If your job involves lifting, pulling, or anything that twists the spine, it may contribute to back pain. 
However, sitting at a desk all day comes with risks of its own; it is the lower back that supports the upper body
 –including any additional weight you carry.  

Other reasons your low back may hurt include:
Being overweight
Inactive lifestyle

Studies suggest that any more than a day or two of bed rest can actually make the pain worse and may reduce muscle tone and flexibility.tudies suggest that any more than a day or two of bed rest can actually make the pain worse and may reduce muscle tone and flexibility.

                 "We found that massage helps people with back pain to function even after six months,"  "and better 
                 function means they are more able to work, take care of themselves, and be active"–said trial leader 
                 Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD, a senior investigator at Group Health Research Institute.  Retrieved from 
                 ScienceDaily (July 5, 2011) Massage Eases Low Back Pain in Randomized Controlled Trial. 
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Sweet Earth Therapeutic Massage 
Manage Chronic Back and Neck Problems
​If a bulging or ruptured disc presses on the sciatic nerve, pain may run from the buttock down one leg; this is called sciatica. Symptoms range from a dull ache to a stabbing or shooting sensation; the pain may make it hard to move or stand up straight.

It has been found that massage therapy helps sciatica.  Massage therapy helps in relaxing muscles and improving ones' posture; it also relieves the pressure on the various nerve points as well as the sciatic nerve.  
             Retrieved from [ - story by Neil Jones.]
The Sciatic Nerve
In order to better serve a wider range of physical limitations; to that of, chronic pain management issues, Sweet Earth Therapeutic Massage (SETM) has expanded its capabilities, and is now certified in –Subtle Muscle Testing & Strengthening.  

The course included historical findings derived from 1949, 1964 and 1994 practices; including, Kendell & Kendell (which set the standard for medical muscle testing), Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Goodheart, Chiropractor (elevating muscle testing to a new level by incorporating an eclectic system –making weak muscles stronger); bringing forward, Dr. Clay’s discovery and techniques which distinguished ‘where’ muscle weaknesses are located –to identifying/pinpointing and deploying over 25 specific and targeted test processes and strengthening techniques.

After having completed this course, it is understood that weak muscles can lead to many diseases; however, these additional factors are worthy to note! 

Muscle weakness is commonly caused by lack of blood flowlymphatic drainagecerebral spinal fluid and there appears to be a domino effect

o  That as inflammation causes swelling –the swollen area will take up space –interfering with the body’s natural range of movement, the natural
     flow of the body’s fluid, the body’s energies, and the muscles will instinctually react and will become weak –in order to avoid injury.

o  It is at this point, proteins derived from inflammation is actually a gel form substance, which then becomes difficult to move out, because it is not 
    a liquid.

The Good News:  The natural muscle memory process can be enhanced by utilizing one or more muscle strengthening techniques simultaneously 
                               –on an ongoing basis. It is for this reason that SETM has created a special offering for pain-management and subtle muscle testing and
                                strengthening modalities 

Here, clients suffering with chronic pain, injuries and/or inactive lifestyles will be able to take advantage of discount pricing for ongoing sessions –by paying in advance.   Simply call Myrna and arrange for your Initial Intake Evaluation Session Appointment. 
Subtle Muscle Testing & Strengthening